Rooslan Khayrov

I am a computer programmer from Tashkent currently living in Zürich, and that's a (mostly invisible but important) foundation stone of my humble network presence.

You can find my resumé here.

I am always eager to hear from fellow programmers sharing my professional interests (currently mostly functional programming and Haskell).

If you happen to share the surname with me, feel free to contact me to get a third-level domain name and e-mail address — I am trying to follow the spirit of the original TLD regulations. My e-mail uses the standard scheme.

If you are a tabletop RPG player in the area, I'd be glad to hear from you — always looking for more adevnturers!

My PGP public key fingerprint:

9CD3 7A79 27EE DB60 C017  77FB 10E0 5E7C F7F5 0F82

(This page is signed with it, just in case.)

Best regards, and
fix $ λf → do { x ← rolldice; unless (crit x) (void f); return rolldice }